The Stolen Diamond [English] [A DOMICILIO] en Forevents Room Escape

The Stolen Diamond [English] [A DOMICILIO]

12 - 40

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60 min.

Detective Charles McDougall and his assistant Kate Donovan are recruiting the best agents to solve the great mystery of the Queen’s Elizabeth diamond robbery and enjoy the succulent reward that its owner offers to the person who gets the diamond back to her jewelry collection. 

Your mission will be to try and get the diamond before Billy Maddox, the most well-known and dangerous thief in London gets away with it. 

Help Detective Charles McDougall and his colleague to find the clues that will take you to discover the place where Billy Maddox has hidden the valuable diamond and they will share the reward with the team that first solves the mystery in the established time. 

Language: English

Information: Recommended for over 10 years old

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